Sometimes Lists Make Me Happy

I really enjoy lists.  I once dated a guy who called me the “girl of 100 lists” from the Go Go’s song of the same title which extols the virtue of list-keeping.

Sometimes I run across lists that make me think or make me angry or make me happy.  Today’s find came about because I was looking for lists of successful women for a project I am working on.  I found some lists of successful celebrity women and successful women authors and some successful women philanthropists.  These lists all made me happy and somehow feeling part of something cool in the world.

Then I found this  list of women who are succeeding at the highest levels of corporate finance.   I’m not a big reader of Treasury & Risk Magazine, but that’s where I found this list within an article called Knocking More Cracks in that Glass Ceiling.  Ever since getting my MBA I have a great appreciation for the finance folks, so I took a look at this list with interest.  These are impressive people in tough situations.

So why did this list make me particularly happy?  Well, I guess it’s because I actually have been fortunate enough to meet two of the women on it – Amy Woods Brinkley and Jolene Varney.  Knowing some of their personal qualities and still seeing them succeed in the rough and tumble world of finance, well that made me happy.  Congrats to all of you who make important lists.  It’s fun for those of us who know you a little bit to see you succeed and to keep cracking that glass ceiling.