About Barbara

Barbara Demarest, MBA

Barbara Demarest is an independent consultant working with foundations, universities, associations and learning companies. She helps organizations, teams, and  individuals effectively set direction, create plans and then take action to achieve their goals.

Barbara brings her twenty years of experience in leadership positions at the Center for Creative Leadership to her work with private, family, and community foundations. Barbara also works with philanthropic associations and infrastructure groups.

Barbara’s skills range from strategy planning and development to branding and strategic communications. She is a board certified coach and experienced team facilitator. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious when she is working with a team focused on a shared goal.

Barbara scans the landscape and interviews stakeholders to unearth strategic opportunities. She works to help organizations, teams, and individuals to tell their stories and to have the impact they desire.

Barbara received her MBA from the Babcock School of Management at Wake Forest University. Barbara’s cum laude undergraduate degree is in Public Policy from Duke University where she also received a Certificate in the interdisciplinary Science, Technology, and Human Values Program and was the recipient of the President’s Leadership Award.

In addition, Barbara contributes her time to a number of boards and volunteer activities including the Gateway University Research Park Board; and alumni admissions interviewing for Duke University.