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Positioning Presentation Nov 2011

I had the chance to present some thoughts on positioning yourself, your products and your business in the marketplace recently. If you are interested, I’ve attached a pdf of my presentation notes here. The notes are half pages, so when you print them out, there are 2 per page for a total of 4 pages. […]

12 Tips for the Social Media Newbie

Many small business owners are silently watching social media marketing from the sidelines. They’re intrigued, interested and attracted by this new marketing channel, but don’t feel quite ready to join in on the game. But, no worries. Here are twelve simple tips to help get your social media marketing in top form. 1. It’s not […]

21 Shoestring Marketing Secrets for Small Business Success

Guest Author:  Jessica Swanson Unfortunately, many small business owners believe in the motto, “it takes money to make money” in the world of small business. The good news is that nothing could be further from the truth. Here are twenty-one shoestring marketing secrets that will provide you with the right frame of mind so that […]

Competitive Intelligence – Sophisticated or Quick & Dirty

Inc. has been posting some very good information on “how to” do things related to a small business.  One of their posts that caught my attention was about the secrets of competitive intelligence.  The post talked about how important it is for companies of all sizes to know what is going on around them and […]

Morning Sports Talk: It’s Business

ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning Show was on today as it is most mornings during my household’s get-up-get-ready-and-go period.  I was a bit more attentive today since the talk was college basketball and my alma mater had just won the championship in a squeaker.  I was about to tune out as the two […]

Tips on Using Facebook in 15-minute Intervals

LinkedIn is my preferred social networking tool, but we can’t deny the power of Facebook.  I thought you might find this article from “Shoestring Marketer,” Jessica Swanson of interest.  See what you think and if Facebook can work as part of your overall positioning online – for yourself as a job seeker or sole proprietor […]

A Memorable Way to Think about Marketing

I subscribe to the IttyBiz mail list by the internet’s biggest potty-mouth, Naomi Dunford.  The thing about Naomi is that somehow even with all her “gutter talk” as my mom used to say, her insights, ideas, and explanations are always excellent.  I’ve bought several of her products because, well, she just makes so much sense.  […]

Tumbleweed Tiny Houses

I am completely fascinated by Jay Shafer’s Tumbleweed Tiny Houses. I desperately want to build one and Jay makes me feel as if I could!  If you haven’t seen these amazingly small, compact and efficient homes, you might enjoy visiting Jay’s site and seeing the designs and room layouts.  (And Jay if you are reading […]

Texting Etiquette

Is it OK to text on the toilet? If you were to ask 75% of respondents in a recent Intel survey, the answer would be yes. Yew. The Intel Holiday Mobile Etiquette survey, which questioned 2,625 adults over age 18, had less gross findings as well: – 80% felt there were unspoken rules about mobile technology. […]

Stop Interrupting and Start Interacting!

Guest Post by Jessica Swanson A radical change has occurred in the world of marketing.  Just five short years ago, most companies utilized only traditional forms of advertising including: TV ads, radio ads, magazine ads, newspaper ads, etc. As a result, most marketing consisted of advertising that interrupted whatever the consumer was doing. TV commercials are […]

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March 21, 2014
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March 18, 2014
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March 18, 2014
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March 16, 2014
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