Worst Practices in Management and Leadership

Author and Consultant David Noer Takes a Look at Worst Practices

David Noer, author of Healing the Wounds and an organizational change expert I worked with at the Center for Creative Leadership, is working on a new concept — WORST practices instead of BEST practices.  I love this idea.  Below is his request for information.  I have lots of ideas for him…BUT the catch is that you have to have examples that can be fact checked…hmm, that may take some thought.  In the mean time, here’s the message from David in case you have something to offer for his work.

I’m doing preliminary research for a paper or an article– which could become a book – on “Worst Practices” in management and leadership. There has been a lot written on best practices, but no so much on worst case examples. Specifically I’m looking for examples in areas such as succession planning, selection, strategy, handling downsizing, mergers, marketing, product development, and ethics. I’m looking for specific examples that can be fact checked as well as general trends. I’d be willing to give credit – if desired – when and if anything gets published, to those who gave me examples. You can reply publicly or, if you wish privately at www.davidnoer.com Thanks for your ideas and help.

And I can’t wait to see what David comes up with from his research!


Barbara Demarest
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