Positioning Presentation Nov 2011

I had the chance to present some thoughts on positioning yourself, your products and your business in the marketplace recently. If you are interested, I’ve attached a pdf of my presentation notes here. The notes are half pages, so when you print them out, there are 2 per page for a total of 4 pages.

Essentially, I outlined why I think it is important to start with who you serve. So many times, we get caught up in very generic expectations of what we should be doing to market ourselves thinking that we have to conquer the entire world. In reality, most of us need to reach a steady, committed set of clients with whom we can be connected over time. Mass marketing can be very effective, but it is also very expensive. And even when you are engaged in mass marketing, you are really carefully targeting your audience.

So when in doubt, start with thinking about your ideal client. Focus on who is a good client or customer for you and you may find that you can be much more efficient with your time and talents.

Positioning Presentation 7Nov11

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