Thanks for the strategic board  work you conducted at our Volunteer Board Development  Conference . It was well done and the most progress made on board strategy and tactics in 10 years!

Lafayette Jones
Board Member

Our team was impressed with how well Barbara seemed to understand our direction and struggles with such little exposure.  Her gift of synthesizing our conversation into meaningful insights and commentary blew the team away.  We did not expect to so quickly see an initial set of communications products and were very pleasantly surprised that she had it at all and that it was so near the bull’s eye.

Karen McNeil-Miller


Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust

Barbara brings a valuable and highly-developed portfolio of skills to the table. She combines a keen sense of strategic thinking, creativity and market savvy with an ability to get things done. For Barbara, a day at the office is not complete unless she has checked one or more key action items off her list. While serious and passionate about her work, she has a good sense of humor and interacts well with customers, clients, and audiences.

John R. Alexander

(Retired) President

Center for Creative Leadership

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